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    Our work method

    Ambitious People Recruitment knows where the desires of client and candidate lie and especially where they meet. We are the link between these two parties and enhance this process. We are known for our efficient way of working and our energy we put into the recruitment and selection process.

    Step 1: Get acquainted

    Every Job posting is tailor-made. We firstly want to get a clear picture of your organization, the job and the person you are looking for. You will receive a permanent recruitment consultant who is specialized in the field the job falls. Based on no cure, no pay, this consultant will search for the candidates that suit the job and the organization best. With this method, we guarantee our commitment and motivation to find the best candidate for your company.

    Step 2: Recruitment and selection

    Because we work with specialized consultants, an extensive network, and a large database, we can work efficiently and quickly. The consultant will look specifically for candidates who meet your requirements. Only the best candidates undergo a thorough interview to ensure they are a good fit for the job and the organization. We will make an appointment in which you can speak to the candidates yourself.

    Step 3: The applications

    The application procedure is organized according to your wishes. We consult both parties during this process because our consultants know what your wishes are. All our consultants are trained and experienced mediators.

    Step 4: Congratulations!

    If you and the candidate want to continue together, we congratulate you both! We are glad that we were able to bring you together with one of our candidates. We would like to evaluate the process to see how we can improve ourselves for the future.

    No match?

    It can happen that there is no match despite the extensive selection process. Our consultants will do everything they can to find a good candidate. We would like to make an appointment to evaluate the selection process and to set the criteria more clearly. 

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